Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring 2013 issue is published

The Spring 2013 issue of California Kayaker Magazine has been published.

Contents include solo trip on Glen Canyon, paddling Ahjumawi State Park and Fall River area, Trolling for Trout, the basic types of kayaks, T-Rescue skills, Sportsman’s Best - Kayak Fishing book review, and much more...

About California Kayaker Magazine:

California Kayaker Magazine is a print and online magazine focusing on being the source for kayaking information for California. We are dedicated to promoting fun and responsible kayaking, and advocating for increased paddling opportunities in this region.

The stories in California Kayaker Magazine are written by local experts and include articles on places to paddle, tips on how to improve your paddling experience, and information of concern to paddlers and the local paddling environment. Covers all types of kayaking (touring, white water, surfing, fishing, etc.) and for paddlers of all levels (those entering the sport to 5 star paddlers).

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