Friday, April 12, 2013

California Kayaker Magazine renamed to California Paddler Magazine

Here is a press release for the upcoming name change from California Kayaker Magazine to California Paddler Magazine.

California Kayaker Magazine Changes Name to California Paddler Magazine
San Francisco, CA — April 12, 2013 — Starting with the Summer 2013 issue (#11), California Kayaker Magazine will be published under the name California Paddler Magazine.

By changing the name from "kayaker" to "paddler" the magazine seeks to expand the content to cover all paddle sports. “Canoes and rafts have somewhat limited retail markets in our geography, so likely will only be covered from time to time,” said Peter Donohue, California Kayaker Magazine’s Editor, “but with this change we do plan to have stand up paddleboard (SUP) content in each issue, reflecting its fast growth and popularity.”

Donohue also said that beyond the addition of SUP, the rest of the magazine will not see major changes.  “We will continue to print on high quality paper stock, distribute through all the same locations – with the addition of SUP-specific retailers, print on the same schedule for 2013, increasing to 3 issues for 2014." – he added. “And keeping our loyal kayaking readers in mind we will continue to include great kayak content in each issue."

Donohue offered that the first SUP article will be about the different types of SUPs (displacement boards versus planing boards, etc.), written by Scotto of Clavey Paddlesports, a past contributor to the magazine.

About California Paddler Magazine:
California Paddler Magazine (formerly California Kayaker Magazine) is focused on being the South West's source for paddle sports information. We cover all forms of paddle sports (SUP, kayaking, canoeing, etc.) and for readers ranging from those just entering the sport to professionals. California Paddler is printed on glossy stock and packed with photos and stories written by local experts. Articles include trip experiences, skills, product reviews, news, how to get started, etc. Print runs exceed 10,000 copies per issue, which are distributed free at paddle sports, general sports, and boating outlets in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada. Each issue is also available to be read online.