Friday, November 4, 2011

Open Letter: Changes to California Kayaker Magazine

I am writing to announce some changes at California Kayaker Magazine. Effective immediately, the Winter 2011 issue has been canceled. And for 2012, we will only have 2 issues - Spring and Summer.

The magazine has always been more of a labor of love for me than a money-making opportunity. I’ve known from the start that this would never be something that would make me rich, but I did (and still do) have hopes that it would at some point more than cover its costs. The Summer 2011 issue did that, but unfortunately, the Fall issue slipped back into being a loss. And based on preliminary ad sales, the Winter issue would also be a loss.

Unfortunately, my other sources of income, which I had been using to keep the magazine afloat during startup, have seen cuts such that I can’t afford to carry the magazine right now.

The Spring and Summer issues have been in greater demand by both advertisers and readers, so the plan is to publish just these issues for 2012. There are a sizable number of “seasonal” advertisers who only want to promote their businesses in Spring and Summer. And readership is also higher, as more people are interested in kayaking during these seasons (and some shops in the mountains and tourist areas reopen, after seasonal closures). So the plan for 2012 is to focus on these two issues.

I am sorry that I have to make these changes. Feel free to post a comment or email to me any questions, or any comments or suggestions on how I should take this magazine forward.

Peter Donohue

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