Friday, February 28, 2014

Suspending publication

Been a poorly kept secret, so many of you know. But for those that don't, I have stopped publishing California Paddler/California Kayaker Magazine. I enjoyed running it for the 4 years we published, but had to pull the plug as it just wasn't making financial sense.

I wanted to put out a thanks to the many people who helped (often unpaid) bring this magazine to life.  Eric Bloom (editing/proofing), Karen Lapinski (editing/proofing/legal/reviews), Laura Ramos (initial layout/editing/proofing), Elizabeth Rowell (photo editing/California Paddler logo), Brian Warkentine (California Kayaker logo), and Sylvia Wu (editing/proofing/reviews).  And to all the authors and photographers who provided content.  And to the people at the retailers/tour companies who loved the magazine so much to make space to give it out to their customer.  And, of course, the companies who believed in the benefit of advertising in the magazine enough to lay out their hard earned cash for advertisements.  The magazine definitely took a community to be possible.

I am open to bringing it back at some point in the future (maybe as an online only magazine), but am not actively working on that.

The web site will be kept up so people can read back issues.  And the and pages will be keep up so we can keep posting news and items of interest.


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